I am excited to talk about our Anti-Aging Face Cream, by LeNor, Secrets That Keep™.
Why is it so special? 


Discover the Wonders
of Violet Glass

A Natural Barrier

MIRON’s violet glass also acts as a natural barrier for energy stored within the product itself, keeping it all inside. This prolongs the natural quality of the product. In scientific tests, when compared to other glass, plastic or aluminum packaging, MIRON’s violet glass has up to four times better storage quality. Four times! And without using preservatives. The longer shelf life and the possibility to reuse and recycle, makes MIRON glass the sustainable choice.
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™Above are my little “Artpetal cards”,  (artpetal.com) , they were created by pressing roses into paper and imagining what I could see in the stains. I made them into gift card enclosures, or Florist Cards. The process is interesting, you can see it on youtube, LINK

Each little card has a story, you can read about their stories on artpetal.com

To see a video of each card go to this LINK 

Now they function as logos for “LeNor’s  Secrets That Keep™”, my Anti-Aging face cream. In addition to our Aronia Berry infused face cream, a box of all 13 cards, including a white envelope is also available.


If you return your Miron Glass to LeNor, you will get 5 dollars off your next jar. Contact me @ lenor@secretsthatkeep.com or call my cell phone 612-261-6071 If you do call my cell phone please leave a call back number on my voice mail. Thank You!